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Welcome to Rutex, Australia!

Comming soon:
USB motherboard for R20x0 drives

  • An optically isolated USB to SPI interface for R20x0 drives.
  • Up to 8 R20x0 drives can be controlled with single USB port.
  • Additional digital and analogue I/Os.
  • Drop in replacement for existing LPT motherboards (R2110/R2120)
  • Open source libraries: low level (directly talking to the R20x0 registers)and high level based on Stepex2 (raw G-codes)
  • Low cost
  • Production targeted to start later this year
  • 3 boards system:

    R2150: USB botherboad for up to 4 R20x0 drives and 4 limit switches inputs.

    R2160: Extention for R2050 for up to 4 more drives.

    R2510: I/O board with 4 relay outputs, 4 opto-isolated digital inputs, 2 analogue inputs, 2 PWM outputs and E-stop I/O.

    Thank you for using Rutex!

    Rutex is a manufacturer of cutting edge Servo Drives and low cost Profile Cutting control systems. The latest, R2000 range of Rutex Step&Dir and SPI servo drives offer features, which significantly improves the safety, accuracy and reliability of CNC systems. Features like the encoder fault detection, stall rotor detection, adjustable following error trip, enhanced PID filtering can be only found on the highest end of servo drives.

    Rutex products have been manufactured and on-line marketed from Australia since year 2000. In 2003 Rutex opened a Sales and Support office in Missouri, USA. To satisfy ever-growing demand for Rutex products, we are in the process of setting up 2nd independent manufacturing plant directly in the USA. Within next few months, the Rutex USA office will be able to manufacture most of the Rutex products locally.

    The latest product in the pipeline is the USB (RS232/485) motherboard for R2000 servo drives. This motherboard will simplify the full implementation the SPI features of the R2000 servo drives. If you are a software developer interested in beta testing, then please contact us.


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