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  • Servo Motor Drives for brush servo motors up to 100V/20A.
  • Step&Dir or SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) motion command
  • Advanced SPI motion with up to 255 points 32-bit fractional interpolation and 8 x 32-bit FIFO buffer.
  • Up to 7 axes can be controlled from single printer port via SPI at theoretical speed up to 80Mpps.
  • SPI DLL (XP/W2K) available for software developers.
  • Build-in true real time 32-bit DRO.
  • Build-in safe Limit Switches input.
  • Encoder "tap" output - raw A/B/I and decoded clock Up/Down.
  • Output for optional external braking resistor.
  • Encoder Index offset counter.
  • Enhanced 32-bit PID filter - quieter, up to 40% faster setting time than standard PID.
  • Following Error Trip adjustable from +/- 2 to +/-32766.
  • Encoder fault detection - no motor runaway with faulty encoder.
  • Stall rotor detection.
  • Real time monitoring of the motor current, voltage and following error via SPI.
  • Flashing status LED - different flashing sequence for different errors.
  • "Soft motion" error recovery.
  • Low cost and opto-isolated motherboards with build in DC/DC converter.
  • RJ45 style cable (standard network cable) can be used for encoder.
  • Interface to single ended (TTL) or differential (RS422 line driver) encoders.

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